A long journey around the world in search of wild and threatened nature.

Dreams should be given a name, and I have decided to name mine Quinuituq. Quinuituq is my next travel and photography project. A long journey around the world, in which I will try to understand, show and immerse myself in the most beautiful and threatened nature on the planet.

But, what does Quinuituq really mean? Quinuituq is an Inuit word that is used to describe “deep patience but with an alert state.” To me, it perfectly describes nature photography. Careful observation. And obviously, it also has a strong connection to the Arctic, one of the corners of the planet that attracts me the most, and also one of the most fragile territories where the effects of climate change are most noticeable.

From now on, for me, Quinuituq will be much more than that.

Quinuituq will be an indefinite journey, which I will start on February 4, 2023. I will fly to Uganda. And then I will build the journey step by step. I already have a rough initial itinerary, but I prefer to talk about the journey as it becomes real.

For me, this project will be an opportunity to invest my energy in doing two things that I am passionate about: traveling and photography. I am not looking to make a trip around the world just to be able to say I did it, or to be the one who does the most daring and extreme adventures, or the one who travels the cheapest. I don’t know how long the adventure will last. And I prefer not to impose anything on myself. Making a trip like this also involves giving up many things, and often it feels like a mountain to think long-term.

I don’t know what route I will end up taking. Or if it will be a non-stop trip or if I will need to take a break to recover. I only know that I want to travel the way I like. Trying to respect the environment as much as possible, dedicating time to observing natural spaces, and photographing the magical moments that I am lucky enough to experience.

I am excited about the possibility of spending weeks on safaris, or having trekkings in some of the planet’s most iconic mountains. Or, if I overcome my fears, swimming with sharks, turtles or whales.

For me, Quinuituq will be days of great passion and emotion, in which I will live without routines, and will be able to dedicate myself to photographing wild animals, incredible landscapes and cultures from around the world. Without haste, but intensely.

And not only am I motivated to live the experience, but also to tell it and for it to have an impact, no matter how small. I firmly believe in the transformative power of travel. That is why the travel blog and the photographs that I can take during the route will have a fundamental role.

Quinuituq: Photography and Travel

Photography and Conservation

This long tirp is focused mainly on nature destinations. I am interested in spending time discovering national parks and their wildlife. Understanding those territories where nature is still untouched, which unfortunately are becoming fewer and more fragile.

From these experiences, I have proposed to make a photographic project, focused on showing the ecosystems, landscapes and wildlife of the countries I can visit. I want to try to capture the beauty in all the wonderful things that still survive on Earth. Animal, plant species, and entire territories that are worth fighting for. And take action in the fight for the conservation of the planet.

Photography has been key in the conservation of many natural spaces. It allows nature to be approached by many people. To know and love it. And inevitably want to protect it.

If any of my stories contribute to environmental conservation, I will be happy.

You will find all this information on this page (you just have to keep reading), where I will be talking about the history that accompanies the photographs and creating galleries of the different stages of this route.

Travel Guides

On the other hand, during this journey, I will also continue writing on my travel blog: Viajar es Descubrir (Travel is Discovering).

There, I will focus on showing my route in a more practical way, trying to make my experience useful if anyone wants to travel to any of these destinations.

Most of the destinations and itineraries will be focused on getting to know the nature of the area. Prioritizing local guides, sustainable accommodations and responsible projects with the environment.

If you want to read more about all the details of my trip, you can do so by clicking here. (The language of this travel blog is Spanish, but don’t worry, you can use the automatic Google translate feature. And it works great!

The Ecosystems of Quinuituq

While a picture is worth a thousand words, I find that adding my own words to a photo makes it even more powerful. I don’t just take a photo and call it a day, I want to capture the story behind it. The emotions, the experiences, and the meaning.

In this section, you’ll find a collection of photos accompanied by their own unique stories, all centered around the theme of nature.


Nothing is harder for me than selecting photos to make a gallery. I find it hard to exclude many of the snapshots, especially when I remember the moment and the feelings I had while taking them. But it’s also an interesting exercise, and I like doing it very much.

Throughout this long trip, I hope to build several new interesting photographic galleries. Some will be of a specific country, others of an animal or other of an ecosystem. I will decide as I go depending on the material I can make.

(The galleries will appear here as I publish them)