About me

For me, nature and travel photography is an opportunity to feel alive, at peace, and connected to the present. It’s exciting to chase a dream sunrise in the mountains, feel the power of the ocean while waiting for a whale to jump, or be mesmerized by the humidity of the jungle while watching a sloth.

Photography has allowed me to appreciate and admire animal life in a way that I never could have simply by observing.

I like to seek out authentic photographs that tell stories. I prioritize experiences over technically perfect photographs. That’s why I am passionate about venturing into Arctic climates, where snowstorms take away sharpness from the photographs but convey cold, power, and mystery. I like to walk at dawn among the forests of the Pyrenees, searching for the mystery of the sounds and shadows of the trees. And I dream every day of photographing the felines of the world. For me, nothing conveys more than a feline’s gaze.

I am deeply concerned about the current climate and biodiversity crisis, but at the same time I trust in the power of small actions and the transformative capacity of travel and photography. I know my photos aren’t the best or perfect, but I dream that the stories they tell, that I tell, will serve to raise awareness about the need to protect the world’s natural spaces. I am not seeking anything more than to bring nature closer to other people, so they can know, value, and appreciate it. So they will want to protect it


I’ve been talking so much about photography that I haven’t introduced myself yet. 😀

My name is Arnau Duran and I was born in La Garriga, Catalonia. I’ve been passionate about photography for over a decade. I discovered it on my travels and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Until now (2023), photography has been a hobby that I’ve dedicated a lot of my free time to. I spend my weekends trying to photograph deer rutting, wild goat mating, otters or the pyrenean chamois. I’ve also been lucky enough to travel to exciting nature destinations such as Kenya, Panama, the Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Norway or India.

My passion for travel and my desire to make my photographs have a certain reach, and not just be a collection of data on my hard drive, led me to create my travel blog: Viajar es Descubrir (it’s written in spanish). Since then, I am the photographer, writer, and designer of this nature travel blog.

In 2023, I am starting a new adventure, a new journey. For months I will be dedicating myself to photographing animals, ecosystems and natural spaces around the world. With the goal of showing the beauty and challenges of the most threatened natural world. A project that excites me a lot, and which I have called Quinuituq. If you want to discover what it means and all the details of this project, I encourage you to visit this link.